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Alexei Lubimov - Der Bote

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Der Bote - Elegies for Piano

Describing his recital as a "quiet meditation", Alexi Lubimov brings together music of three centuries. Each piece defines its own atmosphere, and the biographies of the featured composers could hardly be more different, and yet there is an undeniable "kinship" between the compositions. Lubimov has chosen a programme that associates, connects and contrasts ten works that are profoundly elegiac in nature. (ECM Records)

  1. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Fantasie für Klavier fis-Moll
  2. John Cage: In a landscape
  3. Tigran Mansurian: Nostalgia
  4. Franz Liszt: Abschied
  5. Michail Glinka: Nocturne f-Moll ""La séparation""
  6. Frédéric Chopin: Prélude cis-Moll op. 45
  7. Valentin Silvestrov: Elegie
  8. Claude Debussy: Elégie
  9. Béla Bartók: Vier Klagelieder op. 9a, Nr. 1
  10. Valentin Silvestrov: Der Bote
Recorded December 2000

ECM New Series 1771


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